About Us

The U.S. wine market is becoming increasingly complex, with consolidation across distributors and large conglomerates. Authentic family-run businesses need help to keep up. As my time at Vivino attests, consumers want these wines, but access is limited. I started this company to empower small and medium-sized beverage companies in sales and ecommerce. Together, we can tackle the challenge of increasing sales in both the DTC channel and B2B.

After spending over a decade in the ecommerce wine industry, I discovered a common theme among small-medium-sized wine businesses, including wineries, retailers, independent distributors, and importers. These businesses possess incredible wines and stories but often need assistance to navigate the competitive market. Drawing from my 7+ years at Vivino as Vivino’s Wine Curator (to 10 million users in the U.S.), where I passionately shared these stories and fought to connect wines with consumers, I decided to make a change.

I founded Bybee Wine Co. to support and guide beverage and alcohol businesses seeking their rightful place in this industry. With over a decade of experience in Digital Marketing and Sales, I am well-equipped to help you succeed.

Explore the range of services we offer:

Content Creation
CRM Tools and Automation
Excess Inventory Reduction
Email Marketing
Lapsed Customer Recovery
Sales Consulting
Social Media
Website Design
Wine Data/Trends
Wine Rating Services
Wine Procurement Services

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